5 Drinks To Help You Lose Weight

Most of the people are worried due to the rapid weight gain nowadays. Obesity is the root cause for most of the diseases. So, people want to know the tips and tricks that could lead them to lose weight fast. It includes particular exercise strategies, proper diet plan (low calorie), and increased metabolism and weight loss pharmaceuticals. But it is not enough to lose weight! Here is another popular strategy as well for the purpose. That is the intake of few certain drinks that could combat the obesity and help you lose extra pounds very fast! These drinks are the best remedy you can try in order to lose weight fast!

Water Intake for Weight Loss

lose-weight-drinking-waterIt is a simple trick that could be tried easily. You just have to increase the water intake on the daily basis. You must drink lots of water every day. According to the experts’ opinion, 10-12 glasses of water must be drunk the whole day long. Drinking plenty of water would detox your body from inside. It would flush out the toxins and maintain your health as well.

Replace other beverages with cold water intake, it will reduce the hunger and you will eat less food. It will also burn calories to increase the temperature of the water. So, by suppressing the cravings, burning the calories and initiating the liver to burn calories, water is a perfect remedy to tackle the weight issues.

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Green Tea for Weight Loss

green-teaGreen tea is another healthy drink that combats the obesity by losing fat. It contains antioxidants ( epigallocatechin gallate/EGCG) in it that remove the toxins from the body out. It also prevents from cancer and cardiac disorders. It contains polyphenols (catechins), that are actually the great trigger of weight loss.

Drinking green tea (3-5 cups) daily could reduce your weight 35%-45%. So, must add this amazing drink in your daily dietary routine habits. You can add honey to get the taste enhanced. It works as a diuretic that increases the urination to flush out the harmful toxic compounds from the body cells. It works as an antiviral, anticancer and anti-inflammatory agent.

Veggie Juice to Lose Weight

Vegetable juices are another perfect way to beat the rapid weight gain process. It is full of multi-nutrients and fiber. These items make your body keep healthy as well as let you feel fuller. You can get the best benefits from the broccoli, kale, cabbage and cucumber juices. You can also add fresh fruit juices to the veggie drink in order to upgrade the richness of flavor and nutrition.

Try to choose the veggies that are low in sodium content as it can cause a hypertensive disorder. This juice would control the hormone balance as well as the blood sugar level. So, according to the nutritionists, it would prove the best remedy that could keep you healthy as well as help to lose the pounds!

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Black Coffee for Weight Loss

Black coffee is a great source of caffeine that is responsible for the suppression of appetite. So, indirectly, coffee intake could initiate the weight loss process. It is recommended that 1-2 cups of coffee on the daily basis could make you slimmer.

Black coffee is also a good source of thermogenesis–a process that heats up the body temperature and hence metabolism is increased. You must have to be careful about to adding the whole milk, sugar and creamy contents in your cups of coffee. You are recommended to add the skimmed milk and low/no sugar to your black coffee in order to make it fruitful for your weight loss trials.

Skimmed Milk for Weight Loss

Milk is a complete diet having an ultimate nutrition factors. But if you are habitual to drink whole milk having creamy contents, you are adding calories in your body. So, it is mandatory to consume the skimmed milk. It would provide you with the calcium, vitamin D, and milk protein. You can suppress your hunger by taking the skimmed milk.

Calcitriol is the hormone that is a reason for your weight gain. But, if you increase the intake of calcium (skimmed milk), it would suppress this hormone. So, eventually, you would be able to fight against the weight gain issues.

Calcium is also responsible for suppressing the appetite. So, drinking skimmed milk would let you be able to lose pounds as you will eat lesser meals.

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Conclusively, you can defeat obesity by increasing the above mentioned top 5 weight loss drinks. These drinks trigger weight loss impacts naturally and healthily. Besides these drinks, you could take berry juice as well, in order to eliminate fats from your body as having the antioxidants. You could take smoothies and whey protein drinks also, to combat the fats accumulation. Overall, these drinks would make you more energetic and healthy as compared to the soft drinks or energy drinks.


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