Weight Reduction Made Easy With 5 Super Easy Tricks

It sounds too cliché now to even say that weight loss is not easy. The process is difficult, time consuming and can be physically as well as mentally torturing. This doesn’t need to be said over and over again. If weight reduction had been easy in the first place, there wouldn’t be any need of millions of diet plans and exercise regimes that are ruling the internet.

However, with all the help in the world weight loss still remains to be a very difficult and challenging process. Body fat is one of the most stubborn things in the world but we urge you to fight against it. Along with the long and comprehensive diet plans and exercise regimes, there are many tricks that can make weight loss easier.

5 Tricks to Make Weight Loss Easy

If you are one out of the millions of peoples on the world who is struggling to shed off the extra piles of pounds, you need to have these 5 tricks up your sleeves. These super easy tricks facilitate weight loss without asking you to do much. You only need to allow these tricks to become a part of your daily routine. Once you merge these tips into your daily life as a routine and make it a lifestyle, it won’t even seem difficult any longer!

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Trick # 1 – Eat a Wholesome Breakfast and Light Dinner

Eating a wholesome breakfast is the key to weight loss. It is always crucial to remember that you need to eat a wholesome breakfast and a light dinner if you want to win the race against the calories. For instance if you consume 1500 calories in a day, then eat almost 600 to 800 out of them in breakfast and distribute the rest of them for lunch and dinner. You can also snack a little bit on things like nuts and crackers during the day. There are many reasons in addition to weight reduction that makes it important for you to eat a wholesome breakfast.

  • When you consume the calories in the morning, you have all day to burn them down.
  • Eating a fulfilling breakfast is crucial to keep you energized throughout the day.
  • Ignoring the breakfast can actually slow down your metabolism and reverse the process of weight loss throughout the day.

A heavy and wholesome breakfast is encouraged while a light dinner is strongly recommended at the same time. The reason is that when you consume more calories at night and go to bed immediately after that, you virtually have no physical activity. As a result of this the calories do not burn down and accumulate in the body to form body fat. Hence, the first trick is to allow you a good breakfast first thing in the morning!

Trick # 2 – Wear a Belt or Ribbon around Your Waist At All Times

As bizarre as it may sound, wearing a belt around your waist is actually a very useful trick to cut down the pounds. This is a trick that was invented by French women back in the day and is still strongly followed. Wearing a belt, ribbon or anything else around your waist is an interesting trick.

The trick is that if you overeat or stuff yourself with food that you shouldn’t be eating, your waist immediately starts feeling heavier and tighter. Hence, if the belt starts feeling tighter, you know immediately that you have messed up your diet and need to stop right away! Hence, this is a very helpful and easy to follow weight reduction trick. Just tie a belt or simple plain ribbon around your waist every day when you dress. Your clothes will hide it well and it will be more like a little secret of your own!

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Trick # 3 – See the Mirror Multiple Times a Day

This is trick very easy to follow. What woman doesn’t love to look into the mirror? But interestingly this is a very useful trick to facilitate weight reduction. Keeping a mirror hanging in your kitchen or in front of the table where you eat can is the best way to stop yourself from indulging in foods you shouldn’t be.

This is more like a psychological trick because whenever you look into the mirror you are able to see the bulge around your waist or that dreaded double chin! That is the very moment where you lose your appetite and the mind shuts off your urge to indulge. Therefore, seeing a mirror multiples times a day does not make you a narcissist. It actually helps you to reduce and maintain body weight.

Trick # 4 – Start Using Smaller Cutlery

Portion control is the key to weight loss and this we all have heard many times. But it becomes very difficult to eat less when you see your favorite bowl of steamy and hot Mac and Cheese. When you sit down to eat, it is very easy to forget that you should be focusing on ‘portion control’. The best way that you can control the amount of calories you intake is to start using smaller cutlery. Smaller plates and smaller glasses is the best way to eat less without having to watch it!

Trick # 5 – Drink Oodles of Water Every day!

The last trick that we bring you is to drink oodles of water every single day. Water is not only beneficial for weight reduction but also has other multiple health benefits to offer. Water will help you feel fuller and as a result of which you will eat less. Water also is a major constituent of the human body and therefore, it is important to drink ample amounts of water every day. Science confirms that drinking water actually helps to lose weight and cut down the calories.

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Weight loss is a gradual process. The weight goal you set for yourself is achievable but it requires a lot of patience and determination. Following some clever tricks can actually make all the difference in the world!


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